Derawan Islands

Derawan Islands is like the typical dream of a tropical paradise with secluded white sand beaches, clear blue water, diving location and some coconut trees providing some shade. Derawan is located in Berau district, of the coast of East Kalimantan and it is one of the bests diving spot in Indonesia. Derawan archipelago consists of 31 small islands of which only 4 islands are accessible: Derawan Island, Maratua Island, Sangalaki and Kakaban Island.

Derawan Islands has 1,270,000 hectare area of sea and land. Derawan has a unique biodiversity with more than 460 kinds of coral spread around this area and several sandbanks like Panjang island, Muaras, Masimbung, Buliulin, Pinaka and Tababinga Sandbank. There are also 870 kinds of fish, some of them are protected species like green turtles, scale turtles, whales, dolphins, giant clams, coconut crabs, dugongs, and barracudas. Derawan area has the largest turtle habitat and nesting site in South East Asia.

Besides the spectacular white beaches, Derawan island diving is also amazing. There are over 28 diving spots at Derawan and you will not be alone as many domestic and foreign tourists dive in this beautiful ecosystem, Diving is the best thing to do at Derawan. Derawan is a divers paradise.

Derawan Islands, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Derawan Islands updated on December 10, 2013

Derawan Islands Map

Derawan Islands : Google Map

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Wide choice of beaches including picturesque white sandy beaches washed by clear azure waters, with hundreds of beautiful tropical islands


Indonesia is the least known has the world's best scuba diving and snorkeling destinations. The world's largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands, Forming one corner of the 'Coral Triangle', the epicentre of world marine biodiversity, and containing 20% of the world's coral reefs, it will come as no surprise that it boasts the most diverse scuba diving site in the world.

The spectacular underwater world is well known for its marine biodiversity. This rich volcanic area combines miles of coastline, warm equatorial currents, nutrient-rich up-swellings and a tropical climate that come together to create a biological wonderland.

Indonesia have a rich diversity of marine life. Not only the coral reefs, many sea creatures also can be found here such as manta rays, reef sharks, turtles, colorful tropical fish and even whale sharks, in clear water at certain times of the year.

National marine park and reserve protected areas are teeming with abundant marine fish, colorful flora and boast dramatic underwater landscapes.Hundreds of stunning scuba diving and snorkeling location that cater to divers of all levels.

The weather is consistently warm and sunny, with excellent water temperature that makes for great diving conditions. The season for scuba diving in Indonesia runs all year round. Overall, the best time dive conditions exist from April to December, as many provinces have a rainy season from January to March.

Consult a dive center for further information about dive site around, dive resort, dive spot, diving package, conditions, access, ability level and possible hazards at the sites.


So many surf spots with ideal conditions for all levels of surfer, numerous reefs and beach breaks giving a incredible surfing experience